For those of you who know Debbie (really). Know she does not manage her blog. ( Not Computer savy ) But I ( Kate ) wanted to make sure she had Christmas posted because WOW she put a lot of work into it. ( And we appreciate it no matter how crazy she is)

Check out how cute the tables were set. I don't even want to know how long she worked on these.

And another time consuming project she didn't quite have done. But we didn't mind helping finishing them up. They are way cute candy holders.

She also bought matching PJ's for all the grandkids. She really went to a lot of work for a really good Christmas. And we love her for it.


Halloween 2010

My traditional hay ride to get pumpkins with all my grandkids was almost rained out this year but we all toughed it out and the adults ran for the pumpkins.Jason, Jake and Danny all ran back to bring the cars to the patch so all the littler ones wouldn't have to ride the wagon trailer back in the pouring rain. Thanks goodness for clothes dryers and hot chocolate!


Build a Bear with Kamri

5th birthday tradition. Grandpa and Grandma ride the trax to Gateway Build-A-Bear and let you choose your very own bear. Kamri chose a panda. It's a fun one-on-one that all the kids look forward to.
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The Ted Alvey Family Reunion.

Camp out The night of the 3rd of July.


Hogle Zoo

We ventured to Hogle Zoo last week. The weather was perfect. we went with Kyle & Gina, Zach, Kate, Jenna, Brady, Brookelynn & Mandi.

Waiting for the bird show to start our favorite part of the Zoo.

This years visitor was from Madagascar. A Fossa.


Good thing the weather cleared up enough on Sunday to have our traditional egg hunt.This year there was one gold egg and two silver eggs. Jake found the gold egg containing $5. Brady found one of the two silver eggs with $3 and Wyatt found the other with $2. One of the favorite parts is when each kid finds their prize egg.